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Friday Night at the Dinner Set

It’s been an amazingly hectic week with a photo-shoot on Monday, acoustic recordings on Wednesday, and tonight (Friday, November 21) I’ll be attending the launch party for London-based start-up – ‘a new concept site for social, time-starved hosts’. At the event they’ll be previewing their ‘12 entertaining tips for Christmas’.

Founder of The Dinner Set, Sophie Edgington, (previously a marketing executive at Saatchi, Saatchi & Wunderman) extended an invitation for me to not only attend the event, but more importantly, I’m really pleased to add that a compilation of Lily Tonico tracks will be played exclusively throughout the evening.

Lucky for me, Sophie is a big fan of my music and felt I would be the perfect fit for The Dinner Set and the launch party, creating exactly the right ambience and setting for dinner parties, social events and celebratory occasions. I’ve attempted to make my special ‘DinnerSet’ playlist as bespoke as the night will surely be. It’s always nice to have people feeling the music, and since I’ll be attending this special occasion at which the invited guests include Chefs, journalists, as well as TV and Media people, I’ll get to see first-hand how people react to the music.

I’m a huge foodie myself. I love nothing more than to be creating some tasty and delicious concoction in the kitchen, so this is the ideal project for me to be a part of.

And as always at special events of this kind, attendees will receive a ‘Goodie Bag’ as they leave at the end of the night, and each of these will include a promotional CD of some of the Lily Tonico songs that are played throughout the evening.   I’m really happy to think that the event, as well as my music, will continue to give back long after the party is over!

I’d like to say thanks to Sophie and The Dinner Set team for welcoming me into the fold and look forward to a fun and exciting evening.  Good luck to everyone who’s been involved – let’s have a great night!

Best wishes,


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